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Science (May 1st)

March 27th possible daily structure

Dear Parents,

I know that routine and structure is very important for our students so I have taken inspiration from what other schools are doing and drawn up a sample timetable of activities that your child could complete throughout the day. I have tried to keep it in line with how we would go about our school day where possible with daily repetition so that the students know what is coming next every day. I will send you resources to support this timetable on Fridays, to be ready to start the following Monday. 

As you can see below, I often like to give time in the day to allow the students choose their own activity from a list of three options. I would ask them verbally or else show a picture of the objects to allow the students to make their own free choice. The students seem to like this as it gives them ownership over their own learning.

I have included a visual timetable at the end of this document, if you think it would benefit your child it can be printed off and stuck up at home, similarly to how it is done at school.

  Daily Timetable
9.00 Maths
9.30 Language + Communication
10.00 Writing/Handwriting
10.30 Break
11.45 Exercise
11.15 SESE
11.45 SeeSaw Daily Activity
12.30 Lunch
13.00 Life Skills
13.30 Choice of Activity
14.00 Story Time/Reflection
14.30 Finish

Twinkl learning hub also provides different lessons every day of the week if you would like to follow along with their timetable

Please keep in touch if there is any way that I can make this time easier for you,

Maria Nolan

March 20thIdeas from one of your SNAs

A few ideas for our kids –

GoNoodle website – it has lovely exercise videos to follow for those that are mobile and also some meditation videos for kids. – a website that offers all the Oxford Owl graded reading scheme that would be good for any kids that are able to read to work on.  It also has an option where the computer will read the story to them.

Storylineonline website – a lovely site where celebrities read child-friendly stories. You can choose different age levels. – a website with lots of different games for literacy and numeracy, mainly for lower primary school so could be suitable for some of our kids.  

The library are now also allowing you to sign up online.  Once you’ve signed up you can download the borrowbox app and download ebooks and audio books for free.  Lots of kids books available.

I also saw this special school’s blog and the ideas they’ve given to their kids

March 19th

Bluebell class have been set up with personal learner accounts on the Seesaw app while they are remotely learning. It allows the students to send photos/videos/voice recordings directly to the teacher of all the wonderful hard work they are doing at home. It also allows the teacher to send some back and to assign daily tasks to keep the students focused and engaged on the curriculum.

March News

Well done to all in Bluebell for their excellent hosting of our visitor, Niall, Ombudsman for Children, last week. There were some great questions and lots of fun activities too!

January 2020 Class News

Bluebell students had a very busy month at school. We worked hard on our Stay Safe programme, learning about safe and unsafe feelings regarding bullying, touching and secrets. We have started some research on our Junk Couture project where we are going to use recycled materials to create some brand new fashionable outfits for ourselves. We took a lovely trip to the library to borrow some books. Hopefully we will be able to keep this up as the weather starts to improve because we have all gotten so excited about our new books and have been excellent at minding them. Music has been great fun. We have been exploring the different types of instruments in the class and learning new songs to sing. The new active area in the hallway has been brilliant at lunch times too when we get to play and sometimes meet our friends from other classes out there too! We created some Chinese fortune cookies and wrote our own fortunes on them while we were learning about Chinese New Year and painted some pretty scary dragons too!! We are thoroughly enjoying Food Dudes every day as well.

Water is the Green Schools theme for the coming year so Bluebell will be quite focused on this and will be leading school initiatives in this area.

Our main emphasis each day will be on literacy and numeracy skills while using all the other subjects of the Curriculum to learn and grow together. We will continue our Green Schools work as well as our Physical Literacy sessions each week with other classes. We look forward to working hard together and enjoying ourselves too!

We aim to go horseriding in Liskinnett and to go swimming together also!

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