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A note from Agnieszka

I hope you are healthy, safe and I hope you are enjoying the sun outside everyday. If you have time you can do these activities for World Bee Day.

Take a pencil in your hand and control the line – follow the path of the bee.

Art work -bee, of course, it’s just a suggestion.
Have a great day

Happy WORLD BEE DAY! Let’s celebrate these amazing creatures. To discover 10 easy ways that you can help the bees click here:…  

World Bee Day, May 20th

Exercises to do with a ball

March 21st Covid-19

Dear Parents,
Hello from Agnes. I hope you are all well and safe. Here are some ideas for things that you might want to try at home. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon. In the meantime, take care, 🙂

1. Movement and mindfulness 

Pop See Ko 2.0 – Koo Koo Kanga Roo | GoNoodle

Lunch – Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle 

 2. Song using functional signs

Lámh Colours Song

Lámh-a-Song 2 sneak peak!

3. If you have time and empty boxes, bottles and toilet paper rolls, egg boxes, milk bottles, juice carton, etc. try to continue our last topic – Shop (you can count first how many empty things you have and practise lots of language and activity to do with shopping.
If you like, take a pic of the activity and send to me via email at

On the website (you can enter or print for free) thematic tasks e.g. about the store, there are also short stories and a lot of coloring materials.

4. Of course, we can practice our songs (“Circle of friends ” and “The Butterfly Song”) poems for the first communion with the sign of the holy cross, I know that every student can do it and now that no one will forget:)

For Butterfly Song on youtube, just fast forward 30 seconds or so to when the song starts!

Songs can be found on youtube and Sinead will be in touch on this with more information v shortly.

5. Students who have books can do one to two pages every day, whenever possible.

6. Jolly Songs A – Z Alphabet Song
 Phonics song alphabet(we already have the letters: s, a, t, and, p. they can practice songs. I am asking for letters every two days, one letter: b, c, o, j.) E

Phonics Song 2 – YouTube

7 Whats your name. You can change the instructions if possible -your child’s name.

8. I would also recommend several websites and an app computers for students: they are free until the end of June:

9. Finally, I recommend watching theater at home, a great time for families Than you – Lime Tree Theatre. – Particularly recommend Tom on Tradoodle TV whose Haaalllo, Hallllo is positively hypnotic!

All the best to you,
Kind regards Agnes Siwinska

March News

Some work with paint and after shave going on in Lily today. Lots of messy splodge on the go!

Story and Drama Time in Lily Class on Friday

Writing practice related to Holy Communion Preparation

January News

We had a lovely first month back after the Christmas holidays and were as busy as ever. When we got back we talked about healthy eating and exercise and how important it is. We talked about foods that were healthy and unhealthy and talked about all the exercise we can do to keep our bodies fit. We’re really looking forward to going back to horse riding next Tuesday. We always have lots of fun and are great horse riders. We are looking forward to starting work on our Communion this coming month too.  Please enjoy some pictures of us working very hard.


In Lily Class we have eight students aged 7-8 years.

Our class follows the adapted primary school curriculum. We work on communication and language (literacy), mathematics (numeracy), SESE, Physical Education, visual art, home economics and SPHE.

Our class has beautiful art displays and our brilliant work on show. We are very lucky to have a door that opens out onto our sensory garden, where we like to spend time, when the weather is good! One of our favourite activities is to visit the sensory room with our friends and relax with music and other sensory input.

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