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March 30th – activities

Hi All, Ronan here,

Hope all are well.

Just dropping in with a few more quick ideas to maybe try out or check out, if you’d like, for use with any of your children at home.

  1. Twinkl have free registration during this time. Lots of resources online that you can print out.
  2. RTE have a live classroom on TV and their website between 11-12 each day. They also have extra learning material and resources on www.rte.ie/learn 
  3. Online Stories can be found at various websites, including www.slideshare.net 
  4. A whole range of fairly simple Science experiments that you could work through can be found on www.sciencebob.com 
  5. Loads of sensory/ messy play ideas to engage children’s senses and coordination at https://childhood101.com/sensory-play-ideas/
  6. Loads of simple games to play with your child that you will remember yourself (I Spy, etc…) in these two books from Healthy Ireland (Skip the first bit in each book, just boring stuff). Could do a game or two everyday? 
  7. Also Super Troopers have loads of games, daily stretches and activities : https://www.supertroopers.ie/ 
  8. Try some baking!
  9. Celebrity activities for your kids to take part in:

    All The best, Talk Soon! Ronan

March 20th

Hi All,

Hope you are keeping well. No doubt you all have your hands full. Just sending on a few ideas to help tide you over for the next period. There are lot’s of ideas starting to pop up in all of the different class pages on our website, have a look through them if you’d like to try them out! 

We sent home a little outline of some work that we would have been doing up to Easter in the news books last Thursday. I’ll attach another copy here.

Here are some ideas you might consider:

– 10@10 (10 exercises everyday at 10am)

www.gonoodle.com (exercises, dances)

– https://www.stgabrielsschool.ie/category/school-news/ ( Tradoodle TV- live music sessions at 2pm)

-www.helpkidzlearn.com (touchscreen cause and effect games for iPad).

– Work on fine motor skill activities: pouring sand, pulling, pushing sticks in box, putting items in container, using a scissors with adult help, playdough, drawing, writing, colouring, 

– Maths: Capacity/ Weight. Length- measure the table, books, etc. using blocks, toy cars, dolls, etc. “The table is 10 dolls long”

– walks outside, socialise with family, play games.

– read stories, dramatise them and act them out. Make a piece of art, a mask, etc. to go with the story.

– colour of the day/ week: choose a different colour and find as many things around with that colour.

PE: work on a different skill each day – kicking, throwing, rolling, catching, etc. 15 mins per day.

-use iPad apps and games

Here is a rough outline of a daily timetable if you would like to adapt to suit yourselves:

9-10: play, cartoons, etc.

10: 10@10 stretches

10.15: www.helpkidzlearn.com

10.30- 11: fine motor activities

11-12: play, iPad, cartoons, floortime, etc.

12: Colour of the day

12.15: Read a story

12.30-2: lunch, iPad, cartoons, play.

2.00: Tradoodle TV (link above)

2.15 Maths

2.45: www.gonoodle.com

3pm: Play, iPad.

5pm: Skill of the day. 15 mins of kicking or running, or throwing or whatever you choose.

I’m available through phone or email if phone if you would like to speak with me.

All the best,


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January News

We had a busy start back to the new year. We began the year with our new LIT student, Jade, joining us until May. She has settled in well so far and is proving to be a great help to both children and staff in the classroom. Our themes for the month were ‘Looking After Myself’ and ‘Transport’ and we had a lot of mini themes along the way too, most recently China and Australia for the big celebrations of those two countries. The classroom has been busy with work in all of these areas. Our class have been joining up with Bluebell and Lily for our regular Physical Literacy sessions and going to very enjoyable Home Economics classes with Helen. We had 5th Year Students Killian and Andrew in with us on their Social Placements. We had the Active Schools Inspector in this month and we were delighted to be awarded the flag. Our class were part of the committee. It was great that work that the children have been involved in has been rewarded. We’re planning a trip out to the sensory room in Watch House Cross on Friday.


Poppy Class is one of the Junior Classes and is following the adapted Primary School Curriculum. We will have some children doing modules from the new Junior Cert programme from next year.

We do lots of work on;

  • Language
  • Fine motor skills
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • PE

Our class makes up the Active Schools committee so we are always very busy with organising events and trying out games, all with the aim of promoting PE in the school. We always keep people updated with our piece in the newsletter, so check us out there!

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