Extra Time

Sensory Room Tour!

Quack Quack Duck


More Nursery Rhymes with Sinead and Grace

10 favourite things that a family likes to do with their daughter who has pmld. Found this instructive as an educator in how we can approach learning when we are back together. And they use a resonance board!

Life Cycle of the Frog

Images from School

This is a few moments from Reception of School (for our current students to look at and recall and know we will be back there again before too long). And for new students/families to start to get familiar with the sights and look and feel of school. More to come…

How to look after a dog

Extra stories to promote language, communication and enjoyment.

Beautiful Guided Meditation below

Riding Music, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

Nursery Rhymes with Sinéad and Grace

Good Morning Song (v popular at school)

You Are My Sunshine by Aoife Meade (MA in Community Music student)

Made for the students and parents of St. Gabriels School, Limerick. Take a trip into my garden of nature and song!