March 24th – Update

Dear School Community

You may have been listening to Leo Varadkar’s public announcements at 4pm today whereby he outlined further restrictions in life of the country including schools closed to April 19th. This means that we will not be re-opening on March 30th for the week before Easter.

Our teachers continue to look for ways to support our students remotely be that through phone calls, email, SeeSaw, Zoom or even traditional post.

If there is something you need in terms of school, please do not hesitate to email me at or ring/text me on 083 8583998. An email + text message will be sent tomorrow.

We hope you are doing ok and that you are able to make the best of this enforced home time. We look forward to seeing everyone at school again when we are allowed to open.

Best wishes for your health and safety

Siobhán, Principal Teacher.