Board of Management

Summary of Board meeting April 27th

  • Board expressed its condolences to the family of Thanush and those who worked with him in our school community. 
  • Board to continue to ensure that correct assessments are with SENO for each student for correct drawing down of resources. 
  • School to continue to develop risk register for school.
  • 3 new students are to join school in September with two students leaving us. 
  • Reported on school response to Covid-19. Board commended the staff of the school. Centre is exploring means of supporting families through day time respite during June.
  • New Admissions Policy and Notice has been developed by school as required.

Next Board meeting May 27th.

Our next Board of Management Meeting is April 27th. We look forward to connecting via Zoom and making progress on the needs of the school.

We welcome our new Board of Management who had their first meeting of the new cycle 2019 – 2023 on December 5th.  We are grateful to all who have agreed to support our school in this manner for the next four years.  We look forward to working together for the continued improvement and development of our school.

Board of Management members:

Mary O’Donovan (Chair)

Laura Holland

Michael Cregan

Treasa McAuliffe

Noel Earlie

Anne McMahon

Niamh Cooke

Siobhán Murphy

For all correspondence with the Board, write to Mary O’Donovan (Chair), C/o St. Gabriel’s Centre, Springfield Drive, Dooradoyle, Limerick.