Active School Flag

Active School Week at Home April 27th – 1st May

Keep Your Flag – Tag Rugby

Quicksand Warmup


Blindfold Fun

Rubbish Chucker

Sponge Squeeze

Toxic Waste

Obstacle Course

Instructions for games

Our school has built up many partnerships with outside agencies over the years. Children have recently benefited from our partnership with the FAI Football for All initiative, which has made soccer accessible to all children at their own level. Getting support, ideas, training and in-school workshops with agencies such as the FAI, Limerick Sports Partnership, NCSE, PDST, Active Schools Flag organisation, the Irish Primary PE Association, Super Troopers, Food Dudes and many other varied organisations have benefited the children enormously. PE is central to the curriculum and life in the school.

An important part of the whole Active Schools process has been learning about physical education and a healthy lifestyle, not just playing the games. Children have been exposed to a broad range of sports and games. Some children can differentiate between sports and the different skills required for each. Children know that we engage in activity for fun, health, socialising and for a positive mindset. Children have learned about eating healthily through our partnership with Food Dudes and that eating healthily and looking after ourselves is an aim for our entire lives

Our school has an Active Schools Wall, which is located along the long corridor in the school’s extension. Parents, the children, staff, and visitors can see:

  • our Active Schools Motto
  • our Active Schools Committee and PE leaders
  • a huge range of photos showing the children having fun and accessing all of our PE events throughout the year at their own levels
  • evidence of data gathering and decisions made
  • some examples of the games we devised and enjoyed throughout the year.
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